Blood Meridian

by damezumari

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This album did not have a physical release. We recorded it after I had moved to California and my return visits were beginning to be fewer and farther between. We didn't feel it would be appropriate to allow a label to release it when we knew we couldn't play shows to support it.
Recorded by Stephen Egerton at Armstrong Recordings in Tulsa, OK in September 2009 and some mixing by Deborah and Aaron in San Diego CA


released October 1, 2009

chris craig eric stephen
recorded by stephen egerton




damezumari Tulsa, Oklahoma

the band - started march 2003, from tulsa,OK. and san diego, ca
in its last recorded form:
craig maricle - drums
chris skillern - bass, voice
stephen paul - guitar, voice
eric titterud - guitar, voice
the band has previously included:
doug johnston (drums) and daniel sutliff (bass), who both played on the first three demos,
blake foster (drums), and aaron thornhill (bass) and mike laughlin (drums)
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Track Name: Everything That Rises
This intervention has the feel of déjà vu the record’s spinning forever locked in its groove a way of life reduced to a form stylized routinized to a shallow and shiny norm from revolution to cliché

just superficial stimulation

but what’s different? appearances change but there’s no progress in this apocalypse

everything that rises must converge all the meaningful surprises grow from within and stretch the threads of molded costumes copied, sinned, and said

rags cover neglect and decay veil desire’s all-compelling force generations lived through their eyes dissatisfied with any compromise

the searing balm of burning screens faith in sense impression for ironic equivocation it’s (just) culture, neither right nor wrong a place to hide, from considering

from revolution, to cliché, we lose our way faith in sense impression, ironic simulation so responsible in their noble stimulation

coming down to unchanged reality everything that meets must diverge patchwork king of limited domain stitched and sewn and overblown
Track Name: Victory Is Ours!
can’t trust the diagnosis when the symptoms are so conscious the skin is separating the touch is irritating ignorant of the scene of decay just look away and away

can’t find our better angels wings clipped by the weight of the details light footed well-lidded, unattached, and enwrapped and enrapt intention’s sole invention

and just because it was and it is and it will then it must have been yet we let it happen again and again

all men must be tested all order is agency all possibility and no responsibility as though history disproved morality

and just because it was and it is and it will then it must have been yet we let it happen again and again

where is the reason in this validation? in this victory?
Track Name: The Truth is in the Delivery
Flirt with the truth through gentle irony avoid attachment and deflect in subtlety If I admit it, am I absolved? or acquitted of this middle brow, middle class, half caring, and half-assed, cowardly bravery

sharp witted and forked tongue, thick skinned, with mask on cutting to protect, to shelter and deflect this parade of cynicism is wearing thin

broken homes make broken bones, too late and so long just move along, why try to belong if community is (just) monotony? Are there worse things to be?

Where is fulfillment if this is my penitence? just stay what you are

to think and say, and just make do

these swords won’t help they only open wounds you can’t mend with irony the truth is in the delivery

just say it but don’t mean it just say it but don’t believe it just say it and hide in the irony
Track Name: Blood Meridian
A desert empty, hard, and mute some implied and maligning agent mere dust, soft clay, of eroding tides unsettling account, no balance to come in the pall of mistakes past

who are you to ignore the obvious effects of your actions? and ask the world to bend to your ignorance of other ends more exists without than is known within or spoken invisible but no less real, though forgotten our wills have mass

an epidemic of inattention content with meaningless negligence on a curved path, tethered and constrained wrought between collisions and propelled to escape

but man himself is a force of nature which counters all others and conquers so as to undo itself in its wake, risk values all reward so-called providence designs all consequence

the game plays itself
so it goes, and so it went
so it goes, and so it will, at the end
so it goes, and so it will, so it went, at the end, as it always would

the measure of man isn’t that which he hazards no hope in abandoning to shaping molding chance this alien land holds scars of man’s conversion does it manifest our victory, our destiny, or our barbarity?