hitherandthitheringwaters of

by damezumari

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10" - May 2006 - 330 pressed, all black - stickytranslucentgoo records
the title comes from the Anna Livia Plurabelle section of James Joyce's 'Finnegan's Wake' - see the lyrics explanation for ALP.
We sold a few versions of this as a CD-r before the vinyl was ready.
all tracks recorded November 2005 w/ Chris Harris at Bell Labs in Norman, OK - instruments: craig-drums, chris-bass,melodica, eric-guitar,vocals,melodica, kevin-melodica
except "second chance" recorded May 2005 w/ Chris Harris at Subatomic Studios in Norman, OK - instruments: doug-drums, daniel-bass, eric-guitar&vocals
artwork by john everett millais, modified by eric - printing by angelo milano


released May 8, 2006

chris craig eric
some melodica by kevin on Wise Man




damezumari Tulsa, Oklahoma

the band - started march 2003, from tulsa,OK. and san diego, ca
in its last recorded form:
craig maricle - drums
chris skillern - bass, voice
stephen paul - guitar, voice
eric titterud - guitar, voice
the band has previously included:
doug johnston (drums) and daniel sutliff (bass), who both played on the first three demos,
blake foster (drums), and aaron thornhill (bass) and mike laughlin (drums)
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Track Name: ALP prefers the sea
A thousand glowing orbs on a darkling plain moving quickly through but never escaping

Enforced distance by a radius of concrete, to each their own private place of peace

Afraid that the end is near or that and end to the next sale is come to pass, a lost opportunity to sell myself or sell my friend

No man woman or child an island but a continent with swirling winds to then connect us all and then throw us far away, ALP prefers the sea
Track Name: altruism
An altruistic act or just greed, my motivation is questioning, am I the selfless one or thinking of my own glory in suffering

My actions are never clear

I need to question everything that I do, Deep inside I know I should follow the golden rule always

If I get something out of it is it wrong or is it just always that way

My actions are never clear
Track Name: what a wise man knows
It's ok to say "I don't know", it's better than "they tell me so", But "I'm afraid to make my own way" is more than I can say ...

But I don't know what I should do, Help me I'm lost in the absence of you
Track Name: What is a Friend
A moment of security and an assurance of hello

The unreasonable yes when the world says no, Any imagined heaven includes you

Fulfilled desire of one always true and the constant affirmation of value in your deepest you

Without want of being wanted and a loss at any lack, honesty combined with fantasy, no thought of holding back

The breakdown of all reason and a sympathetic truth, a heart filled with terror at the thought of a world without you, my mind is overflowing and my life is stepping down because a friend means showing the world is less without