Hope Inscribed On Handbills

by damezumari

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7" - December 2009 - 500 pressed, all black vinyl - each cover monochromatic but 3 different colors used - roklok records, magister ludi records, too cool to dance records
all tracks recorded by stephen egerton at Armstrong Recording Studios in december 2008.
the title comes from a description of the opening to the plot of steinbeck's 'the grapes of wrath' - i have no idea whether the phrase appears in the actual book. it's meant to apply both to my own decision to move out west to california, from oklahoma, (the same journey of countless okies in the book's historical era) and to the genre of the zine, the individual instances of which can be both incredibly meaningful and entirely generic and cliche, usually at the same time. it's hard not to get cynical because of the overload of so many people writing in what is supposed to be a deeply personal and intimate form.
artwork by jared flaming. printed by eric and stephen and sue.


released December 8, 2009

chris craig eric
recorded by stephen egerton




damezumari Tulsa, Oklahoma

the band - started march 2003, from tulsa,OK. and san diego, ca
in its last recorded form:
craig maricle - drums
chris skillern - bass, voice
stephen paul - guitar, voice
eric titterud - guitar, voice
the band has previously included:
doug johnston (drums) and daniel sutliff (bass), who both played on the first three demos,
blake foster (drums), and aaron thornhill (bass) and mike laughlin (drums)
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Track Name: Go West
Changing place won’t change your mind all you do is lose your place Start over with even less than before and even more certain fate And no peace

Go west with the promise of new faces Go west young man
Go west and escape if you can Go west young man
Go west and seek solace and peace and come back an old man
Go west to avoid your defeat and come back a defeated man

You seek the sun you get blinded by the possible From leaf to grain of sand and then you reach the sea You run out of ground, you’re forced to turn around To face the fact of you and all that’s left to do

Leaving is losing, no lessons learned Leaving is choosing, defeat well earned

In search of real experience a purpose in progress A sense of direction and a steady well stayed hand I know what I want why can’t I just do it I know what I want why is it so hard to try?
Track Name: Conception
Born as a whole human being, halves un-whole All the promise of conception, was a perilous deception Death was at the start if I only looked that far

Time moves the same choices less than sane seem so sensible All the promise of conception is a disappointing lesson Nothing follows through when you’re counting on something true

They could conceive but they couldn’t conceive of me I could believe in everything but me
Track Name: All
Feeling of movement sensory deception called forestalled postponed destination

Drawing on the walls forgetting as the truth? Journey forestalled predestination The continued reading of chance into meaning And rhymed nonsense for our insignificance

Promise conceived but merely deceived Equal empty but meaning the same Feeling and light trapped in the night Parenthetic desolation

The stillness is all The surface is all In this floating world We’re nothing at all
Track Name: Hope Inscribed on Handbills
A Pamphlet pushed aside Some impersonal reply To the world’s indifferent slight

The only company that keeps me Is disappointed reality Lives spent in private meaning Time wasted keeping time

A voice afloat atop Currents of context Too much keeping track

Send out these feelings to the world My nerves against burning screens Signals crossed and prayers sent With fervent but futile intent

Chaos noise Confused by the echo Of a thousand souls Breathing in time The impossible duty to honor The solitary signs of each