Politics Of Lonely

by damezumari

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The third release was a CD-r called 'the politics of lonely', which is a phrase i borrowed from a weakerthans song. I took it to mean that even when we are alone, isolated, as a way of life, we still have a (political) effect as a result of our seclusion. It had 3 songs and runs about 23 minutes. recorded by Chris Harris (norman) in may of 2005. There were at most 30. It's sold out, obviously.
Design by Dustin Cleveland. The release had a chipboard cover, folded, with another chipboard sleeve around it. Some of them had some white paint on them, and some of them have our name hand stamped on them.


released May 8, 2005

doug-drums, daniel-bass, eric-guitar,vocals, jamie-cello



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


damezumari Tulsa, Oklahoma

the band - started march 2003, from tulsa,OK. and san diego, ca
in its last recorded form:
craig maricle - drums
chris skillern - bass, voice
stephen paul - guitar, voice
eric titterud - guitar, voice
the band has previously included:
doug johnston (drums) and daniel sutliff (bass), who both played on the first three demos,
blake foster (drums), and aaron thornhill (bass) and mike laughlin (drums)
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Track Name: Second Chance
everyone deserves a second chance, it's only good luck that we had the first. the quality of mercy is not strained but generous. substitution is realizing it could be you. that we give of ourselves is our only saving grace. forgiveness is a responsibility.

it's not for your sake. The world is what you make, but it's not for you.

the judgment we put on our friends stays with us, sticks to us, for all our days, it follows us through our lives, and it makes us who we are.

we make ourselves by who we love

forget and forgive and let all be done with, it's a glorious thing to live and to let live. where there is anger, there's always a better way. i'd rather be happy than right anyways. this was the year to lose all of my friends. another person is not a means to my ends. this isn't worth another moment of pain, maybe i like it, maybe i'm wired that way.

once i've realized that fighting is never fair, i can't look away and pretend that i don't care.
Track Name: Gravity is a Choice
this is the last time that i wear these shoes, worn thin from the weight of inward attention, gravity pushes down and in, eyes locked on feet, can't tell what is

i feel my heart through my toes

all i've seen is what i wanted to see, out of sight and out of mind, as a way of life, and i'm out of my mind

this fight is not a fight that i wanted to start, infinity in a point is still nothing at all, identity in the fall of a whale, and a wonder at the world

no matter how different i think i am or how changed i feel, the wreck is still all encompasing, without effort there is no meaning

to be light and float away, growth comes from wider angles, gravity is a choice
Track Name: the centre cannot hold
things fall apart and the centre cannot hold
(other lyrics lost, and unintelligibly buried in distortion)