Split with Someplace to Hide and Steeples

by damezumari

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CD - May 2007 - 500 pressed - little mafia records. This was a split with Steeples and Someplace to Hide who were both from Oklahoma City. It was put out by Little Mafia Records, also from OKC, and the art was by Daniel Danger. "Mark" and "Friday" were recorded by Chris Harris at Bell Labs in Moore, OK. The rest were recorded by Ryan at Armstrong Recordings in Tulsa, OK.


released May 8, 2007

chris, craig, eric, with cello by jamie on Gravity and Bitter.




damezumari Tulsa, Oklahoma

the band - started march 2003, from tulsa,OK. and san diego, ca
in its last recorded form:
craig maricle - drums
chris skillern - bass, voice
stephen paul - guitar, voice
eric titterud - guitar, voice
the band has previously included:
doug johnston (drums) and daniel sutliff (bass), who both played on the first three demos,
blake foster (drums), and aaron thornhill (bass) and mike laughlin (drums)
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Track Name: Triumphalism
I was happier then Or was that even me Stream moves faster than Even different could be A Change of heart or just a whim?

Every time that I sit Every time that I feel Another he won’t have Was that ever mine to steal? Forward or back, progress a feeling of loss

My hand is stopped I am not ready Will it mean any? Will it mean any? Word I could say Thought I could think Remembering When I was that way I WAS THAT WAY!

But that was then and not now Another time another self This is him and that was me Pull it once and then you see I’ve separated myself from everyone

Am I any more justified Because a judge tells me I’m right Collective voice calling his name Condemning me and him all the same We live the same, we die the same, we all suffer

We are the same!

The walls speak through my ears I’m done for my own tears A witness to violent act Now I must remember the fact I am now the less His last word was 'confess' Just a button in a voting booth And now I have to live with that truth
Track Name: Every Friday Buries A Thursday
Cry and you cry alone Smile and the world is with you The people part of home And the doors keep closing Lock you in or out Suffer the same The people part of home is The emptiest thing

Every Friday buries a Thursday Forget each one, keep your eyes away

Not so much what is said A skin holding a soul, a heart, a head Effort, sympathy breed dignity Only connect!

Sadness pulls apart The days and the hours And makes each sorry A sneering mockery If we could just take ourselves And fill the shoes of another And extend sympathy Beyond obligation

Every Friday buries a Thursday Forget each one, keep your eyes away Momentum deceives us, and lets us see Forward While keeping sideways to the periphery

Not so much what is said A word an act a thought or a deed An impenetrable cloud Concealing connection that we need A single soul Left behind or forgotten Is the death of us all An implicating 'sorry'

'I’m sorry' just doesn’t cut it 'I’m sorry' doesn’t fill the need 'I’m sorry' is for those who do something 'I’m sorry' doesn’t mean a thing

Every Friday buries a Thursday And I’m sorry you’ve wasted your day
Track Name: The Mark on the Wall
that could be new acres a new sign but its all speculation five and dime of my least favorite instincts contemplating the mark on the wall

but I gave up and gave in true to my sense of hope in telling the lie

I can see sitting still as well as standing up the worst part of knowing is all that you don’t know I can see sitting still the worst part is deeper than I the worst part of seeing is knowing you can’t ask why
Track Name: Snazziest Ever
this is the snazziest song ever (repeat)
Track Name: A Bitter Means to a Better End
The silent breaking of the thin line Is inability to say 'I’m not fine' What I’ve got to find my friend (is) A bitter means to a better end I can’t just take whatever’s offered And passively accede to suffer ‘All is well and as it should be’ When nothing in this world is right for me

I could continue on and stay broken in the end Or find a bitter means to a better end I am worn out with dreams A Mind moving that seems stopped Leaves nothing but vague memories And a sort of messy suffering

It’s only hard if I make it so

As long as I was underground I couldn’t hear the sound hiding from the worst parts of me Hid me from reality

It’s only hard if I think I can’t It’s only hard if I think I can’t I’m looking forward to that final day Where I can mean all the things I say The final moment and best test When the sun sets and mind is at rest A little left when the road is straight A picture frame for my final place A bitter means to a better end When you can be my only friend Frozen in place and filled with love And memories and thoughts I cant ruin A little left when the road is straight A bitter means to a better end

A lack of plaster, paint, and face Or lens of distance from a warm embrace A snow covering half hidden roots That melt at a sight and break their case Though my heart is worn with dreams A Never-ending desire is in me The hourly kindness, the day’s common speech And the happiness of each with each

The lost possibility That I ever could see Happiness on the face of On the face of some other me
Track Name: Gravity Is A Choice
this is the last time that i wear these shoes, worn thin from the weight of inward attention, gravity pushes down and in, eyes locked on feet, can't tell what is

i feel my heart through my toes

all i've seen is what i wanted to see, out of sight and out of mind, as a way of life, and i'm out of my mind

this fight is not a fight that i wanted to start, infinity in a point is still nothing at all, identity in the fall of a whale, and a wonder at the world

no matter how different i think i am or how changed i feel, the wreck is still all encompasing, without effort there is no meaning

to be light and float away, growth comes from wider angles, gravity is a choice